With Sentimetrics™ your customers can discover how people perceive their brand from the positive and negative comments circulating in Social Media sites. Sentimetrics™ monitors various data streams to uncover hidden patterns, correlations and other useful information to identify and let your customers contact detractors or promoters directly from the Shopmetrics system. This allows them to convert detractors to promoters or reward the loyal promoters of their brands.

The use of Big Data is becoming a crucial way for companies to outperform competitors. With Sentimetrics in your offering, you can now cover a vital part of today's customer feedback and market research landscape:

Sentimetrics™ can help your customers to:

Sentimetrics™ can provide benefits to your customers' organizations by ensuring that they have sufficient sentiment data before making important business decisions. This will enable them to feel more confident when making business choices. The wealth of data available through Sentimetrics™ also enables marketing strategies to be improved and more accurately targeted. This helps them to greatly increase their customer base, pushing their organization ahead of the competition and increasing their revenue.

Using Sentimetrics™, your customers can identify specific customers and:


Package Price / Month Sources Keywords Included* Daily Posts Included
STARTER Free Twitter 10 total 20 per source per keyword *** (up to 40 total across all sources)
STANDARD $95 / €70 /
package (Through September
2015: $45 / €35 / package)
1. Twitter
2. Google+
3. Youtube
4. Reddit
5. Foursquare **
50 per package 20 per source per keyword*** (up to 140 total across all sources) (Most impactful phrases can be processed with priority as add-on option – contact us for pricing)
PREMIUM Contact us 1. Twitter
2. Google+
3. Youtube
4. Reddit
5. Foursquare **
6. RSS Feeds
Unlimited Unlimited***


* Removing a keyword removes all data and analysis for that keyword.
** Coming soon
*** Daily Posts will be limited according to the source's public policies and APIs. As of January 15, 2015 these are:

Source Data collected
Google+, YouTube Data collected will be derived from the source’s "public" data. Users' privacy settings may result in certain posts not being included.
Twitter Data collected will be derived from Twitter's "public" feed. This includes ~1% of all Twitter posts.
Reddit Unlimited
Foursquare Foursquare provides the latest 3 posts per-location.